University at Albany

University at Albany

The university is a longtime client for whom we've done a significant amount of work. We designed an admissions campaign that helped recruit top students, environmental graphics to engage faculty and students, a new logo and identity program, and materials for the university's first capital campaign.


Instead of a typical viewbook we created a package of materials that could be mailed out individually or handed out as a complete kit. The look and feel of the package conveyed a sense of quality and academic strength.

The World Within Reach


The university’s main goal was to increase the number of high quality students (based on GPA and SAT scores). In the first year of publication, applications and enrollment of high quality students increased by 18%.

University at Albany


We led a committee of 30 people from across campus through the process of creating a new identity for the university. We created a comprehensive identity manual that outlined the application to signage, publications etc.

University at Albany signage
  • University at Albany Brochure covers

    Admissions Campaign

  • Brochure spread 01
  • Brochure spread 02
  • Brain Power Brochure cover

    Research Brochure

  • Brain Power Brochure spread
  • Logotype and Mark

    Logotype and Mark

  • University at Albany entrance signage
  • Floor Seal
  • Kiosk 01

    Campus Kiosk

  • Kiosk 02