New York City Ballet

New York City Ballet is one of the foremost dance companies in the world, with a roster of spectacular dancers and an unparalleled repertory. We created a long running campaign that presented classical dance in a new context and helped the ballet attract a new audience.

Over a 10 year period we photographed dancers in New York City’s most iconic locations and some of its hidden gems. Each year we chose a different photographer who created their own interpretation of classical ballet, giving the campaign a unique feel that bordered on fine art.

Ballet Bus Shelter

The New York City Ballet campaign ran in full page New York Times ads, bus kiosks throughout the city and Times Square billboards.

Ballerina in New York City

Our work for the ballet helped attract a new audience while still appealing to the ballet’s traditional subscribers.

Events in a Box
  • Swan Lake cover
  • Jock Soto and Wendy Whelan Cover
  • Gardens cover
  • Winter 2000 Cover
  • Winter 2000 Single Ticket cover
  • Brooklyn Bridge cover
  • Spring 2001 Intro
  • Spring 2001 Don't Miss
  • Spring 2001 Subscription Schedule
  • Winter 2004/05 Cover
  • Winter 2004/2005 Intro
  • Winter 2004/05 Repertory
  • Spring 2005
  • Spring 2005 Repertory
  • Spring 2005 Intro
  • Gala Journal 1
  • Gala Journal 2
  • Newsletter
  • Newsletter spread 1
  • Newsletter spread 2
  • Balanchine 100 Celebration: New York Times Double Truck ad
  • Diamond Project 3-sheet
  • Diamond Project Banner
Balanchine 100 logo

The Balanchine 100 Celebration

Logo for a year-long festival honoring New York City Ballet’s founder.