Maria College

Brands change. And when Maria College wanted to expand from a two-year nursing college to a baccalaureate institution with a much broader curriculum they asked us to help. We knew it was important to do more than just announce the changes. We had to dramatically change the feel of the brand.

Admissions Microsite

We created a highly visual microsite that was a quick, engaging overview of all Maria’s new and old programs. The site was designed so that visitors would immediately sense the tremendous transformation happening at Maria. Visit the website

Integrated Brand Campaign

Since Maria is a commuter college we were able to use television to reach its primary audience. We created an aspirational spot that spoke to the  breadth of life-changing opportunity at the college. Under the umbrella “Find Your Course” we also ran a comprehensive digital campaign using search, paid, and retargeted ads.

Maria College Alumni Magazine

Alumni Magazine

We launched Maria’s first alumni magazine, a colorful, creative publication to re-engage alumni, many of whom had lost touch with the college. See more