• Gala Invitation cover

    The invitation package for the Arts Center Gala rolls out its message, and when flipped over reveals a fun poster.

  • Gala Invitation first reveal
  • Gala Invitation open
  • RSVP and Envelope
  • Collar City Craft Fest Poster

    We created marketing pieces for the Collar City Craft Festival including a poster, postcards, print and digital advertising and a window decal.

  • Postcard
  • Window Decal

The Arts Center of the Capital Region

Since 1962, The Arts Center has been one of the area’s most valuable resources for creative individuals. Our approach was to show that art is alive within the center. A contemporary use of Victorian engravings that evoke Old Troy (the Collar City), and a fresh type treatment gave an eclectic, modern feel to both the Arts Center Gala and the Collar City Craft Fest.