Our projects start with a discovery process to develop a complete understanding of your brand. We talk to your company’s leadership and marketing team. We look at how you’ve communicated your message in the past and what your competitors are doing.

 Studio: Process

If we need to know more about your target audience we conduct additional discovery through focus groups or quantitative research.

In branding projects we lead your team through the entire process, using methods to develop positionings that actually uncover valuable insight. Too often positioning statements end up like mission statements and don’t uncover a true marketing position.

We customize our approach to fit the needs of the assignment. Sometimes we are hired for projects which may not need a thorough research phase. Because of our experience we’re able to get up to speed and learn what we need quickly.

Unlike many agencies, we don’t assign account executives to act as go-betweens. We find this frustrating for clients that need quick answers. Our creative team works directly with you throughout a project which makes communication more efficient and keeps costs down.